Photo Challenge #38 / Bookish

20210719ma_2317“Old Books” / Theme: Bookish

A little about this photo…

This is a shot I took over the summer at Fort Carlton. When I visit historical sites, I find I’m drawn to whatever old books they have on display. (It’s like old books are a magnet pulling me in!)

I love how in this fort, out in the middle of nowhere, there are books because … well, they’re in the middle of nowhere. If I were in this place, and I had to spend the winter here, I’d want to make sure I had some books with me as well.



THIS 2021 WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – For more information about the list of prompt, click on this link. And join me in posting your own photos every Saturday with #2021picoftheweek

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #38 / Bookish

  1. Wow, what a beautiful photo! The lighting and the wooden walls are so pretty, and of course the old books look lovely too—I agree that those would be helpful for a cabin in the middle of nowhere! And I do love how many interpretations are possible with these prompts—I did Bookish a few weeks ago, but our pictures couldn’t look more different, which is awesome!

    I posted a photo today over at ascrapbookofstories [dot] blogspot [dot] com. Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting this great challenge!


  2. This is a gorgeous photo. I love the texture of the wood and the elegant leather-bound books juxtaposed against the primitive, rough-hewn and shelf. I like that leather box as well. Very nice photo and great use of light. Thanks!


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