My Writing

Not only do I drink tea, take photos, and read… I also write! Here are some of my stories/articles that have been, or will be, published:

For Children/Teens

Tia Raquel’s Hair
Spider magazine (Coming Soon / January 2022)

A Family of Bell Ringers
Clubhouse magazine (Coming Soon / December 2021)

Mrs. Valencia and the Paella
Storytime magazine (Coming Soon / November 2021)

Sitting Next to Allie
Keys for Kids magazine (February 2021)

Away in a MangerThe Christmas Bunny
Clubhouse Jr. magazine (December 2020)
Annie is afraid to go up on the stage without her stuffed bunny, but as Zoey says, Tiny Angels do not carry around stuffed bunnies! Can Annie manage without Bunny?

The Angel in Dresden

The Angel in Dresden
Guide magazine (August 2020, pp. 4-8)
The true story of two cousins, separated from their Red Cross unit, living at the Dresden train station at the tail end of World War II.

Writing Contests

PB Party 2020
Honorable Mention!

Easter Bunny 911
Honorable Mention in the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2020 (in the category (for Loveable Characters!)

Last Christmas Cookie
Honorable Mention in Susanna Hill’s Annual Holiday Writing Competition
December 2019 (for great portrayal of sibling interaction and a nicely executed twist ending!)

For Adults

Helping the Least of These in Haiti
Tapestry magazine (Fall 2013, pp.7-9)

Oma’s New Story
Lutheran Women’s Quarterly magazine (Summer 2012, p.27)

Tell Me a Story, Oma
Lutheran Women’s Quarterly magazine (Spring 2011, pp. 8-9)