My Writing

20170407ma_0391Not only do I drink tea, take photos, and read… I also write! Here are some of my stories/articles that have been, or will be, published:

For Children/Teens

The Christmas Bunny (Coming Soon! December 2020)

The Angel in Dresden (Coming Soon! TBA)

Last Christmas Cookie
Honorable Mention in Susanna Hill’s Annual Holiday Writing Competition
December 2019 (for great portrayal of sibling interaction and a nicely executed twist ending!)

Easter Bunny 911
Honorable Mention in the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2020 (in the category (for Loveable Characters!)


For Adults

Helping the Least of These in Haiti
Tapestry magazine (Fall 2013, pp.7-9)

Oma’s New Story
Lutheran Women’s Quarterly magazine (Summer 2012, p.27)

Tell Me a Story, Oma
Lutheran Women’s Quarterly magazine (Spring 2011, pp. 8-9)