Review / Clutch


Book: Clutch (2017)
Author: Heather Camlot
Genre: MG, Historical [Post-WWII]

Basic plot: With his father dead and his mother struggling to keep her store afloat, Joey tries to come up with ways to make money. And guess what? He’s pretty good at it! But then comes the dad of his best friend Ben; Mr. Wolfe promises to help Joey outwink, wink. (Not even Ben trusts his father-of-shady-repute. Don’t trust him, Joey!)


1) Joey is such a little entrepreneur! I love all his plans. And he’s a pretty good brother to young David (a kid obsessed with Jackie Robinson). Every time Ben’s bad dad showed up, I wanted to chase him away and protect Joey.

2) I always love learning a bit of history I never knew before. This book sort of revolves around the time that baseball legend, Jackie Robinson, was playing in the minor leagues in Montreal, Canada. (Who knew he played in Montreal???) However, note that Jackie Robinson isn’t really a character in the story. Instead, the little brother David is the one obsessed with baseball.

3) There’s a sweet little romance between Joey and his “crush” Shelly. They’re both studying for their bar mitzvah (bat mitzvah for Shelly). I’m not super crazy about middle school romance, but this was handle just about right!

4) I like the different characters that Joey has to learn to trust (or not trust). Especially with regards to Mr. Wolfe and Dr. Richter.


1) Interestingly, with the baseball on the front cover, I expected a little more about the game. Fact: There isn’t a huge amount of baseball in this book. I think some readers who expect a lot about sports may be disappointed.


An interesting look at life in 1940s Montreal… A true coming-of-age story, you will be rooting for Joey… future businessman of the world. As long as he learns to stay away from trouble.


Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Note: I’m posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday


11 thoughts on “Review / Clutch

  1. I love the cover of this book because I love baseball. Since I also love historical fiction, this one catches {pardon the baseball pun} my eye. I did happen to know that Jackie Robinson played in Canada because we recently watched an excellent PBS special about the Negro Leagues. Thanks for the recommendation for MMGM. :0}

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  2. What an interesting story! I like some of the historical details, and it’s neat that this is one of surprisingly few books with bar/bat mitzvahs involved! Thanks for the great review!

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  3. When I see a two-seam split-finger grip on a baseball on the cover, I expect a LOT of baseball in a book, and that might be the reason I buy it. I would be disappointed if there weren’t a lot of baseball in the book. But this does sound like a book with a lot going for it. Thanks for telling me about it.

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