Love in Books


It’s Valentine’s Day! And hearts abound… So, today I’m going to post about some of my favourite books under the theme of L-O-V-E!

*Note: There are so many books I could have listed here. The ones below are really just scratching the surface of this topic.

Love Between Friends

Anne of Green Gables // by L.M. Montgomery
Frog and Toad are Friends // by Arnold Lobel
Bridge to Terabithia // by Katherine Paterson
Charlotte’s Web // by E.B. White
Maniac Magee // by Jerry Spinelli

Sibling Love

Little Women // by Louisa May Alcott
The Penderwicks // by Jeanne Birdsall
Till We Have Faces // by C.S. Lewis
Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry // by Mildred D. Taylor
A Wrinkle in Time // by Madeleine L’Engle

Romantic Love

The Blue Castle // by L.M. Montgomery
Jane Eyre // by Charlotte Bronte
Pride and Prejudice // by Jane Austen

YOUR TURN… What are your favourite books about love? Whether it’s brotherly love, romantic love, or true friendship… Let me know in the comments.


16 thoughts on “Love in Books

  1. One of my favorites is Jane Austen’s Emma because it encompasses multi-faceted love (and its growth )through the lens of one character.

    When it begins I find Emma thoroughly grating -in an amusing way- but her love for her father, her friendship love with Mrs. Weston, and then of course with Mr. Knightley which grows into a mature romantic love.

    Just a great story.

    I agree with all your selections as well. In particular I liked your inclusion of Frog and Toad are Friends. My kids loved that book!

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    • I LOVE Emma! I considered putting it on the list as it is (shh! don’t tell P&P) my favourite of Jane Austen’s books. I could easily have put Persuasion, too.

      Yes, I have a soft spot for Frog and Toad. 🙂


  2. I find friendship love books high on my list. Probably highest on that are Orbiting Jupiter and Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary D. Schmidt. Both will break your heart and leave you thinking about them for a very long time. Thanks for the post.


  3. I love that you included different kinds of love! The friendship between Frodo and Sam, and between Merry and Pippin, tears me up a little time!

    Also, Anne and Gilbert will always be the classic literary couple. Love them!

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