Photo Challenge #3 / Natural Beauty

20190102ma_0145“Water Falling” / Theme: Natural Beauty

A little about this photo…

This photo makes me feel cold! (Maybe I’m just remembering how cold my hands were when I took this shot. It was the one day I forgot to bring gloves. Not a smart thing to do in January!) This “waterfall” is part of the old Welland Canal system. It’s no longer in use for its intended purpose. The “new” canal was moved years ago.

I love how that one leaf makes such a pretty pattern in the water. Natural beauty!

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Photo Challenge #1 / Leading Lines

20190101ma_0057“At End of the Pier” / Theme: Leading Lines

A little about this photo…

One of my first photos of 2019! Went down to the lake on January 1st and captured this shot. Among many others. I had a hard time figuring out which photo to use and which prompt to start the year off with! Well… this is the one I chose. The lighthouse at the end of the pier.

In the summer, this place is packed with people. On a cold winter’s day, we had the place to ourselves. (This is Lake Ontario, by the way. If you look closely, you can see the city of Toronto off in the distance.)

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Books That Make You Cold

So… I was recently re-reading The Giver by Lois Lowry.

And I was struck by one scene. (Note: This may be a minor spoiler for those who haven’t read the book. But my question is this, WHY haven’t you read this book yet?!)… As Jonas and Gabe are on the run, they are attempting to hide from the heat-seeking aircraft. In order to avoid detection, Jonas transfers memories of snow to Gabe. The memories cool down their body temperatures.

Now, I don’t consider myself a scientist. So my question is this: Is this even possible? Would a heat-seeking device be fooled? Does a memory, such as snow, cool the body down?

(Note: I will give Lois Lowry gets a pass on this detail because of the nature of her story world. Technically, in our world, it’s impossible to transfer memories to another person by laying your hands on their back. But in the world of The Giver, well, this is exactly how it happens for Jonas, the Giver, and Gabe. So story world definitely takes care of this heat/memory/cool thing in the book.)

That said, here’s something I do know…

When I read certain books, they make me feel cold.

long-winterCase in point: The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

In the book, Wilder encapsulates the whole feeling of winter. The never-ending blizzards. The family huddling next to the stove, trying to keep warm. Laura and Pa twisting hay in the freezing lean-to. The train that never comes. Christmas that never comes.

The isolation of the Dakota territory.

The snow. And more snow. And even more snow.

LongWinter1Wilder intended to name the book The Hard Winter… Because that’s probably how in later years they would refer to that winter of 1880-81… Can’t you just see them sitting around the fire saying: “Remember the Hard Winter? This snow is nothing compared to that!”

But the publishers ultimately changed the title to The Long Winter. (I mean, just look at those covers. Neither of them seem to be shouting “hard”.)

By the way, this book received a Newbery Honor in 1941 for its writing.

I know why. Because those words bring feelings of COLD.

Which is great if you’re reading beside a nice, warm fire. Or in summer. Yes, a nice, hot summer day might be the perfect for reading cold books.

What about you? Do you have any books that make you feel cold?

Photo Challenge #9 / In Motion


“Through the Icy Waters” // Theme: In Motion

A little about this photo…
I love how this duck is gliding through the water. It’s a very black and white photo, without being actual black and white! (Note: At first, we thought this might be a loon. It’s not. Had to look it up and found out that this is a common goldeneye.)

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Photo Challenge #1 / Winter


“Winter Wonderland”

A little about this photo…

Taken at Niagara Falls… It’s not often that the Falls looks quite this spectacular. I mean, it always look spectacular, but not quite this winter-y. And one of the reasons for this is that it’s been below freezing since our beautiful White Christmas. All that mist freezes, creating some beautiful works of art.

For those of you who don’t know Niagara Falls, this is the American Falls, taken from the Canadian side. All that white “land” below the falls is, of course, the Niagara River… turned into ice. It’s what is called the “Ice Bridge”. Back in the day, people used to walk around down there. But we don’t do that anymore.

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