Photo Challenge #25 / Blue

20220614ma_0792“Blue on Blue” / Theme: Choose Your Own Prompt / Blue

A little about this photo…

This is a bittersweet photo for me. This past week, was the funeral for my grandmother. This blue vase was part of her blue glass collection. I remember as a kid coming to visit my grandparents and looking at all the blue. (Her favorite color!) This particular vase is pretty special to me because it became a gift from her to me when I stayed with her a few years ago.


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Photo Challenge #39 / Something Old

20200812ma_1032“Fancy a Joyride?” / Theme: Something Old

A little about this photo…

This blue beaut belonged to my mom (apparently) when she was little.  Looks like it even has room for a passenger in the back! And if you ever got bored waiting in traffic, it looks like you could practice counting on those wooden beads in the front. (I also love that it’s blue.)

I made sure to capture this near sundown to get those nice long shadows…

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