Photo Challenge #14 / Delicate

20200224ma_0239“Not for Touching” / Theme: Delicate

A little about this photo…

When I was a kid, this little koala used to sit on a shelf in the apartment of my great aunt. She lived alone and didn’t have any other toys or stuffed animals. When my mom would take me to visit her, I’d look longing at the koala. Of course, I wanted to play with it, but it wasn’t really allowed. My big question was this: Why would an old person have a kid’s toy in her home?!

Years later, after her death, the koala came to live at the home of my grandma (i.e. my great aunt’s sister). What I didn’t understand then but realize now is that my great aunt got this koala while she lived in Australia. So, when I was visiting my grandma (back in February), I took the koala (very carefully, mind you!) down from the shelf in the guest room.

And I took this picture.

I told you I always wanted to play with the koala. And now I have. (Shh! Don’t tell the grown-ups!)

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