Review: Romancing Miss Bronte

Book: Romancing Miss Bronte (a Novel) Author: Juliet Gael Rating: 3 Stars Basic plot: A novelized version of the biography of Charlotte Bronte. The book covers her days at Haworth leading up to becoming an author, along with her sisters, to her untimely death. WHAT’S COOL… 1) It's about Charlotte Bronte. Need I say more? … Continue reading Review: Romancing Miss Bronte


Only Orphans Allowed

Have you ever wondered why so many kids' books feature orphans? Anne Shirley, Mary Lennox, Oliver Twist, Frodo Baggins, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Dorothy Gale, Huckleberry Finn, Pollyanna, Pippi Longstocking, Paddington Bear, the Baudelaire orphans, Harry Potter... and the list goes on. Or, if the characters aren't exactly orphans, the parents are somehow (conveniently) off-screen. Like how the Pevensie children are sent … Continue reading Only Orphans Allowed