My Rating System

5 Stars // This rating is reserved for the few books that are practically perfect in every way. (Even if the book has faults, I love this book, warts and all.) These are books that I love and that have stood the test of time. This is a RARE rating.

Sample 5 Star books?

4 Stars // This is a really good book. I liked it. Not one of my all-time favourites, but hey! It came pretty close 🙂

Sample 4 Star books?

3 Stars // Hey! I liked it. While it could have been better, I definitely enjoyed reading this book. (In my world, this is a GOOD rating!)

Sample 3 Star books?

2 Stars // I’m not a huge fan. But somebody else might like it better than me..

1 Stars // I can’t even say it. Actually, you will probably never see this rating on my site, because, frankly, I just refuse to rate a book that I feel would deserve 1 star.