A Valentine’s Story


I don’t often post twice in one day, but I am today.

This is a short story I wrote for a Valentine’s Day writing contest. The theme is “Oh, Guilty Heart!”


by Maria Antonia

Word Count 214

Kira had the best Grammy in the whole world. And she was here to visit!

Kira jumped out of bed and sprinted to Grammy’s room. She opened the door and made a flying leap…

“Goodness,” Grammy cried. “Don’t break the bed.”

Kira grinned. Grammy always said that.

The next morning, Kira waltzed to Grammy’s room. She opened the door and made a flying leap…

“Don’t break the bed!” Grammy cried, laughing.

The morning after that, Kira tiptoed to Grammy’s room. She opened the door and made a flying leap…

“Don’t break the—”

Rattle! Whomp! Clunk!

Kira’s mouth dropped open. She couldn’t look at Grammy.

She dashed from the room. Grammy always told her not to break the bed. And she had done it at last.

Kira slipped into her secret spot behind the couch. She swallowed. Grammy must hate her now.

“Kira?” It was Grammy.

As her face popped into view, Kira’s lip quivered. Grammy dropped something on Kira’s lap. It was a tiny candy heart.

“For my special Valentine,” Grammy said.

“But I broke the bed.”

“I know.”

Kira sniffed. “Can we fix it?”

Grammy smiled and held out her hand.

Kira climbed out and gave Grammy a big hug.

She always knew she had the best Grammy in the whole world.


Note: There’s a little backstory to this… This is something my own grandmother would always say to me when she would come to visit. And yes, I would wake up super early, take a flying leap, and land right next to my grandmother. I’m pretty sure she loved it.

Unlike Kira, I never did end up breaking the bed. But I always kind of wondered what would have happened if I did…


ARC Review: Anne Arrives

anne-arrivesAnne Arrives // by Kallie George
Release Date: September 25, 2018
Genre: MG Picture Book
My Rating: 4 Stars

**Note: I received a free copy of this title from the people at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Basic Plot: Mrs. Lynde is surprised when she sees her neighbour, Matthew Cuthbert, going to town. She discovers from Marilla that the Cuthberts are adopting a boy. Except, when Matthew gets to the train station, there’s only a girl. He brings her home, because what else can he do?


1) The illustrations by Abigail Halpin are absolutely delightful. I adore them! I like how she captured Anne herself. She looks like Anne! I particularly like some of the illustrations that have just Anne in them. Like when she’s looking (sadly) out the window at the cherry blossom tree (the Snow Queen). Such a beautiful two-page spread!

2) This would make a wonderful introduction to Anne of Green Gables, especially for children who are ready for Chapter Books. This book is rather like a Chapter Book, in fact.

3) Oh, I teared up at the scene where Matthew comes to speak to Anne in the bedroom. (When she’s in big trouble with Marilla.)


1) The title is a little weird. Why not Anne Comes to Green Gables, or something like that?

2) I know I raved about the illustrations. But it can be a hard thing to capture characters we love in drawings. Matthew and Marilla were a little off for me. Matthew’s long grey hair and brown beard were a little weird. And Marilla… Ah well, just personal opinion here. No major criticism.


My rating is 4 Stars (out of 5) – I don’t often review picture books, but when I saw this one was about Anne of Green Gables, I was inspired to request it. It’d be a wonderful introduction to the world of Anne! I’d recommend it for Grade 2-3. And really, for any fan of Anne of ANY age.