A Story for Fall

This is a short story I wrote for the Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy contest. Entitled “Road Trip” (200 words), this story is the result of my interpretation of the photo prompt below. (Note: The photo was provided by the contest. Therefore, not my photo!)

I decided to format the story as a conversation, almost as if it were recorded or overheard. So, there are no dialogue tags and no action lines.



by Maria Antonia

Word Count: 200

“I don’t know why we’re even going this year.”

“I promised your dad I’d bring you. We can still enjoy the fall colors without him, you know.”

“Oh look, an orange leaf, Grandma! And another one. I’m just soooo surprised.”

“Very funny, Sophie. No need for sarcasm.”

“It’s a free country. Isn’t that why Dad left in the first place? So we can have a stupid free country—”



“I know you miss him, Soph.”

“Don’t call me that. Nobody calls me that except—”

“I miss him, too. But, he is coming back.”

“When?! He never tells me when. What kind of lousy parent leaves, then— Why are you stopping the car? This is Old Man Worthington’s land. If he catches us, he’ll… you know.”

“Mr. Worthington is harmless.”

“Hello? He lives in a spooky house. Next thing, he’ll come around that bend and—”

“Suit yourself.”

“Wait, you can’t leave me here. That’s abandonment.”

“Then, come. I need to stretch my legs.”

“See! It’s him. Old Man Worthington. Over there!”

“That’s not—”

“Get back in the car, Grandma, or else…”



Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

“Daddy, but you’re supposed to be in—”

“Hiya, Soph.”



ARC Review: Anne Arrives

anne-arrivesAnne Arrives // by Kallie George
Release Date: September 25, 2018
Genre: MG Picture Book
My Rating: 4 Stars

**Note: I received a free copy of this title from the people at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Basic Plot: Mrs. Lynde is surprised when she sees her neighbour, Matthew Cuthbert, going to town. She discovers from Marilla that the Cuthberts are adopting a boy. Except, when Matthew gets to the train station, there’s only a girl. He brings her home, because what else can he do?


1) The illustrations by Abigail Halpin are absolutely delightful. I adore them! I like how she captured Anne herself. She looks like Anne! I particularly like some of the illustrations that have just Anne in them. Like when she’s looking (sadly) out the window at the cherry blossom tree (the Snow Queen). Such a beautiful two-page spread!

2) This would make a wonderful introduction to Anne of Green Gables, especially for children who are ready for Chapter Books. This book is rather like a Chapter Book, in fact.

3) Oh, I teared up at the scene where Matthew comes to speak to Anne in the bedroom. (When she’s in big trouble with Marilla.)


1) The title is a little weird. Why not Anne Comes to Green Gables, or something like that?

2) I know I raved about the illustrations. But it can be a hard thing to capture characters we love in drawings. Matthew and Marilla were a little off for me. Matthew’s long grey hair and brown beard were a little weird. And Marilla… Ah well, just personal opinion here. No major criticism.


My rating is 4 Stars (out of 5) – I don’t often review picture books, but when I saw this one was about Anne of Green Gables, I was inspired to request it. It’d be a wonderful introduction to the world of Anne! I’d recommend it for Grade 2-3. And really, for any fan of Anne of ANY age.