PB Review / Beatrice Bly’s Rules for Spies

20220108ma_0069Book: Beatrice Bly’s Rules for Spies: The Missing Hamster (2021)
Author: Sue Fliess
Illustrator: Beth Mills
Publisher: Pixel+Ink
Genre: Picture Book

Opening Lines of the Book…
Beatrice Bly was no ordinary spy. Beatrice was a … SUPER SPY!


What a fun little mystery! Join Beatrice Bly, Super Spy, as she tries to figure out the mystery of the missing hamster! As a kid, I loved these types of books. And while adult-me figured out the mystery, I’m sure kids will enjoy the whodunit process.

The setting is Beatrice’s school, and the victim is the classroom hamster. Beatrice and her friend look for clues, finally bringing us to the happy reunion.

Love the illustrations. Love those opening lines. Love that her name rhymes with spy!



12 months to read 12 books recommended by 12 friends…

This picture book review is part of a monthly challenge I’ve set for myself. I’ve asked my friends on Twitter to recommend picture books they’ve enjoyed reading (published within the past 3 years). I will choose to feature one each month.

Note: The original 12 Challenge isn’t necessarily just for picture books. But I’ve set it up this way for my own challenge.


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