Review / Over and Out

20220819ma_1640Book: Over and Out (2022)
Author: Jenni L. Walsh
Genre: MG, Historical [1970s]
Publisher: Scholastic

Opening lines from the book …
There are books hidden beneath my floorboards. I was moving my bed because my only fountain pen rolled underneath while Katarina and I were doing our homework. At first, I tried to climb under after it, but my head was too big, no matter which way I turned it.


1) This story takes place in East Berlin. The two girls, Sophie and Katarina,  like to figure out ways to escape to the west. And suddenly, that becomes a very real reality.

2) It’s nice to see a friendship where the girls remain friends throughout the story. Usually, there’s some sort of drama between the friends in books like this, but I like that this one didn’t do that. (Not that I mind friendship drama.)

3) I liked seeing the process as they work through the escape plan. From Katarina learning some archery!

4) And then there’s the bad guy! He’s “recruited” Sophie to become a spy on Monica, her former babysitter. He’s the guy you love to hate!

5) Love the tension in this book, especially toward the end of the book. As the whole plan comes together. I also like how the title Over and Out comes out in the book. I assumed it meant one thing, but it has a different meaning!


I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a good Cold War spy book! You know, with kid spies trying to make a daring escape.



Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Note: I’m posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday


9 thoughts on “Review / Over and Out

  1. There are not a lot of books for young people that discuss the Cold War. I think it would be great for kids to have a better understanding of what the wall really meant. Thanks for telling me about this book. I’ll look for it.


  2. Oolala, I am very interested in this book. Although my mother in-law did escape from East to West Berlin well before the wall went up, the difficulties her family endured are hard to fathom. Berlin was heavily guarded with Russian troops and split into zones after WWII. It’s a story that never grows old whenever she talks about it.


  3. I really loved this novel about the Cold War! Great characters and plot. Had me on the end of my seat. It particularly interested me because I may have distant relatives who lived in East Berlin on my grandmother’s side. She never talked about it!


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