Would You Rather?


Would you rather have your book reviewed by your favorite author or meet them in person?

This is the question posed for today’s #WriterFriendsChallenge. Since I don’t actually have a published book to be reviewed, I’ll submit one of my short stories. Now, which to choose? 

The first thought that comes to mind is: What if my favorite author doesn’t like my story? Eek! (Also, come to think of it, my favorite author is most likely dead.) Okay, let’s say that they will give a favorable review to whatever I write. That’s good. I could use that as an endorsement, so that’d be cool!

Second option is to meet my favorite author in person. This is also something that would be totally awesome. I could ask them questions. Ask them for tips. Yes, I think I’d rather make it about them rather than about me. So, there you have it. That’s my choice. I’d rather meet up with my favorite author for a very nice cup of tea.

Next question is this: How do I choose a favorite author?!


What would you choose? Let me hear it in the comments.


#WriterFriendsChallenge is a monthly challenge for writers hosted @susanleighneedham & @thatsarahelynn on Instagram.

10 thoughts on “Would You Rather?

  1. I’ve met a couple favorite authors, and my daughter became friends recently with one of my favorite picture book authors, and she reviewed one of my manuscripts. She wasn’t crazy about it. (sigh) That said, if I could make that choice again, I would choose to get the review. That’s pretty valuable. Fun post. Thanks.

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