Review / Confessions of a Class Clown

20220401ma_0501Book: Confessions of a Class Clown (2022)
Author: Arianne Costner
Genre: MG, Contemporary

Opening lines from the book …
T-rexing is an art understood by many yet mastered by few. It starts with the squat. Most people skip this important step. To convincingly play a T. rex, you gotta crouch a little, with your legs spread apart, and lean forward on your toes.


1) Jack is a total goof-off, the kind of kid that would have annoyed me as a kid. But I found his character to be quite likable. And very believable. I think the likability might have something to do with the story being written in first-person. We get to see his thought process behind all the attention-seeking.

2) This book is centered around the fun of a talent show! Jack, of course, is trying to get together an act that will get him the attention he craves as a class clown. He just needs to find a partner. And that “talent search” is part of the fun of the book.

3) I love the connections he makes at the friendship club. First, there’s Mario, but when things go wrong, that potential friendship begins to peter out. And then there’s Tasha of the knitted hats and Miss Perfect Brielle. It was particularly interesting how the author gives us glimpses into the thoughts of each of these characters in these special interlude chapters.

4) It was fun to read about Jack’s pranks and shenanigans, like the clothespin game he talks Brielle into playing (although, in real life, I would have hated such a game. It was fun to read about, though!)

5) This wouldn’t be a middle school book without some betrayal drama. First, there’s the problem involving Jack’s former friend. Which is connected to the betrayal Jack takes part in against Brielle. I love how it all comes down to Jack and how he has to work to fix things.


I really enjoyed this book. I was in no way like the class clown. I was much more of a Tasha/Brielle. But I love this peek into why some kids will do anything for attention.



Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Note: I’m posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday


5 thoughts on “Review / Confessions of a Class Clown

  1. This sounds like a really fun read! I definitely wasn’t the class clown in my school either, but getting a look into that perspective via the first-person narration would be very compelling. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Maria!

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