Photo Challenge #20 / Starts with an M

20220512ma_0628“Memory” / Theme: Starts with an M

A little about this photo…

This locket belonged to my grandmother. That’s her photo (I think she was in her early 20s). Anyhow, this locket has a photo of my grandfather and my dad. It’s probably not the most expensive piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen. But the memories it carries mean a whole lot more. This coming week would have been her birthday. Happy heavenly birthday, Oma!


THIS 2022 WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGEThis year is my fifth year of doing this challenge! (I began in 2018.) For more information about the list of prompts for this year, click on this link. And join me in posting your own photos every Saturday with #2022picoftheweek

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #20 / Starts with an M

  1. Wow, Maria—that’s a beautiful photo! The locket is lovely, and juxtaposed with the photo of your Oma, we definitely get a sense of the life she lived. Happy heavenly birthday to her as well, and thanks so much for sharing!

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