Photo Challenge #42 / Golden Sunset

20210918ma_3344“Fishing at Sunset” / Theme: Golden Sunset

A little about this photo…

We went down to the pier to take a walk. Of course, I had my camera. What luck that we were blessed with such a beautiful sunset! And to make that sunset even better were the people fishing off the pier.


THIS 2021 WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – For more information about the list of prompt, click on this link. And join me in posting your own photos every Saturday with #2021picoftheweek

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #42 / Golden Sunset

  1. Wow—this photo is amazing! I can’t believe you got the colors of the sunset to be so vivid and realistic, and the detail of the ocean (and even the sunset reflecting in the ocean) looks incredible too. And the silhouette of the person fishing looks lovely as well!

    I apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth repeatedly, but today, I do have a submission for the photo challenge over at ascrapbookofstories [dot] blogspot [dot] com. Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting this great challenge!

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