Fall Photo Challenge


The bingo card for the final three months of 2021 is here. Don’t forget to use the summer bingo card for this Saturday, but I thought I’d give you a heads up on the next three months. Starting the first Saturday in October, use THESE prompts to participate in #2021picoftheweek. I look forward to seeing your photos!⁠


Fallen Leaves
Within a Frame
Black and White

Time Flies
On the Fence
Right as Rain
A Long Time Ago
See That?

(Free Space)
Great Outdoors

Once in a Blue Moon
Golden Sunset
Rule of Thirds
Look Up

An Open Book
All is Calm

THIS 2021 WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – Each Saturday I post a photo based on the list of prompts. (The order does NOT matter.) You have three months to get a BINGO! Can you do it? Maybe get more than one row filled?⁠
Please join me in posting your own photos every Saturday with #2021picoftheweek

#2021picoftheweek / Reader’s Edition

If you’re not really into photography, but you’re a reader, you can also play the reader’s version. Just post a photo of a book you’re reading that has something to do with the prompt. (Eg: For a book about a time travel, you can check off the “Time Flies” prompt.)⁠

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