Photo Challenge #33 / Très Chic

20210804xs_0040“Dressed like a Monarch” / Theme: Très Chic

A little about this photo…

A work colleague came to me recently to share something. I had no idea that THIS is what she wanted to share.

She “raises” monarch butterflies to release into the wild. (They’re endangered, apparently.) Well, she had this guy in its cocoon, almost ready to come out as a butterfly. “They always seem to come at around noon.” She was right. Just after twelve, we watched this guy emerge. “He’ll just hang there for a bit while his wings unfold and ‘dry out’.”

Pretty amazing. She later released him into the wild!

This monarch is … très chic, n’est-ce pas?

THIS 2021 WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – For more information about the list of prompt, click on this link. And join me in posting your own photos every Saturday with #2021picoftheweek

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #33 / Très Chic

  1. Wow! That’s so cool that your colleague raises monarch butterflies to keep them alive, and it’s awesome that you got to take a photo of one right as it emerged from its cocoon. It is a beautiful butterfly, and the photo is composed so nicely as well. And yes, the butterfly definitely is très chic!

    I posted my photo for the challenge today at ascrapbookofstories [dot] blogspot [dot] com. Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting this wonderful challenge!


  2. This brings back memories of my childhood. I spent my summers at a cottage near Breckenridge Quèbec. I was a sort of a wild animal running through fields and swamps. At the end of the summer, when we had to leave the cottage I spotted a field full of Monarch butterflies ready to immigrate south. It was an amazing sight to see. The fluttering wings in the wind, charging their batteries for a long flight south. Destination, Mexico. I didn’t know that then. But I remember that one year when the Monarchs flew south, there was catastrophic mortality because there were freezing temperatures. Talk about climate change. Great post Maria!


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