Review / Missing Mike

missing-mikeBook: Missing Mike (2018)
Author: Shari Green
Genre: MG, Contemporary/Novel in Verse

Basic plot: Cara and her family have to leave their home due to a raging forest fire. What makes it particularly hard is that Cara can’t find her dog, Mike. But as soon as they’re safe, she and her new friend, Jewel, are determined to see if they can find the missing Mike.

Opening lines from the book …
It hasn’t rained for thirty-seven days.


1) Wow! The opening pages of the evacuation and atmosphere of the forest fire kept me reading past my bedtime. Shari Green did a great job in making us be there with the family. You could feel how tense things were in that car. Definitely kept me reading…

2) I like how they rescue a black and white cat, which gives you hope that they’ll be able to be reunited with Mike by the end of the story. I love how Cara wants to name the cat, but her sister won’t let her since the cat belongs to somebody else. (But we do eventually get to know the cat’s name!)

3) Cara loves crossword puzzles. I enjoyed the little words and hints that were sprinkled throughout the story. What was really neat was her discussion with her new friend, Jewel, as they talk about words for home and what makes a home. I particularly liked the take that home is where your family is, even if that home means living in a car.

4) Speaking of Jewel… She’s a foster kid, but I like that she seems rather well-adjusted. Sure, she misses her mom, but she seems to have a good relationship with her foster parents. It was nice to see!

5) Mike (the dog) isn’t really in the book. We get to know him via flashbacks. I liked the scene where Cara picks him out at the animal shelter. Mike wasn’t a cute puppy, but Cara’s heart goes out to him anyhow. Mike has only one eye (the reason for his name; he’s named after the one-eyed monster in Monsters Inc.) and part of his ear is missing. But I love that about Cara. It’s always nice to see somebody championing the underdog.


1) In the story, Jewel and Cara come across a five-letter word for home where the second letter is a ‘b’. I figured it’s ‘abode’ but it never seemed to be mentioned again. (Did I miss it!?!)


A wonderful, quick read, full of excitement. Definitely for dog-lovers! I think Shari Green does the novel in verse thing very well. You’ll be rooting for Cara to be reunited with Mike…



Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Note: I’m posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday

11 thoughts on “Review / Missing Mike

  1. I haven’t seen this book by Shari Green, even though I’ve seen a lot of praise for her other books, and it sounds great! It reminds me of Rain Reign. Cara and Jewel sound like great characters! Thanks so much for the great review!

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  2. I haven’t heard of this book- but I have read another book by this author. This sounds like a fast read and one that a lot of my students will enjoy. Thanks for putting it on my radar. I will have to look into getting it for my school library.


  3. I’m surprised we haven’t heard of more MG novels that focus on current events like the wild fires. This is the first time I’ve seen this topic addressed. Will definitely read. Also falls into the survival story arena. And it is a good dog story. Thanks for sharing!

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    • There was one other book that had a forest fire in it. It was a hockey book as I recall. The story started with something like an evacuation and I expected more to come of the forest fire part of the book, but then it switched to hockey! 🙂


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