Photo Challenge #11 / Fun Fact

20210310xs_0016“A Lot of Keys” / Theme: Fun Fact

A little about this photo…

Spent part of my week trying to figure out what these keys actually open. Took a picture of said keys. Went online to find out interesting things on the topic of keys. Ended up finding out a few fun facts about, you guessed it … keys!

Did you know?

1) Viking women used keys as a status symbol. When a Viking woman was married, she became the keeper of the family keys. Apparently, many of these women actually “wore” their status proudly by sewing the keys onto their dresses. For everybody to see!

2) Both Catherine the Great (of Russia) and Louis XVI (of France) loved locks. Louis had his own forge in at Versailles and made locks to use on furniture (like small chests). Catherine, on the other hand, so loved intricate locks that she would often give them as gifts. Ah, the prerogative of royalty.

3) Harry Houdini was apprenticed to a locksmith. He soon learned how to pick any lock, which became rather handy to him in his later career as an escape artist.

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