Photo Challenge #10 / Quiet

20210115ma_0112“The Stacks” / Theme: Quiet

A little about this photo…

Shh! No talking in the library! I actually love the quiet atmosphere of the library. Just people sitting with books, quietly turning pages. Ah…

I’m not completely against any talking, but I’d rather you talk softly. (Of course, it’s a different story with reading hour. But that’s always confined to the children’s section. And I’m happy to see little kids excited about books!)

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12 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #10 / Quiet

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  2. I like how you title this picture Quiet. This is why I like doing your challenge because you have some themes that are very challenging to transfer them into images. Your themes encourage a story behind them, a story to be told, therefore to find a picture that can tell a story….now that’s the challenge! 🙂

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