Photo Challenge #6 / Footprints

20210129ma_0224“Footprints in the Snow” / Theme: Footprints

A little about this photo…

Out on our walk, we came upon these footprints in the snow. What I want to know is… What kind of animal made those prints? I’m guessing something with a tail. Perhaps an opossum. A big opossum, judging by the size of the feet! (Considering that I battled opossums this past summer over my cabbages, this is a likely option. Note: The opossums won in the cabbage war, by the way.)

Do you have any guesses?

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4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #6 / Footprints

  1. I’m glad the footprints I see outside my window aren’t that big. I love trying to figure out what made them: bunny, mouse, dog, etc. Great picture, Maria!


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