Review / Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess

macy-mcmillan-rainbow-goddessBook: Macy McMillan & the Rainbow Goddess (2017)
Author: Shari Green
Genre: MG, Contemporary

Basic plot: Life is not easy for Macy. First of all, she’s deaf and so it’s sometimes hard to communicate with the world. And then there are all the recent changes to her life…. Her mom’s getting married, they’re moving, and she’s had a falling out with her best friend. And then, her mom volunteers her to help her crabby neighbour with her own move.


1) All the literature references! I loved this book for just that. First of all, Macy loves to read, and soon enough, she finds out that [*Slight Spoiler] her crabby neighbour also loves books. [end spoiler] When it came to the quote about Anne of Green Gables, I was just flabbergasted. THIS woman (the character Iris, and probably also the author since she wrote the thing in the first place) gets why Anne is so amazing. (Can you tell it’s one of my favourite books?)

2) The title is interesting. The Rainbow Goddess refers to Iris, the “crabby” neighbour. I loved how their relationship (like that of a grandmother and granddaughter) develops over the book, especially the scene near the end with regards to the wedding.

3) It’s a quick read, written as a novel in verse. I liked how the author formatted the conversations. Since Macy is deaf, it’s interesting to see how she worked the dialogue that in sign language.

4) The new step-father-to-be… I really liked seeing such a positive spin put on this character, Alan. He really does try with Macy, especially how he tries to learn some basic sign language. And his daughters are adorable! (One of the best parts is when Macy is disgusted by Alan’s plain paint choices at his house and she decides that she wants her room to be purple, just to bug him. Only to discover… well, I won’t spoil it.)

5) The friendship debacle with Olivia is a good side plot. I loved how that played out as well.


1) So, in the story, Macy loses her hearing at age four. I wondered about the fact that she can’t speak. But by age four, wouldn’t she have already learned how to talk. (I suppose it’s possible she was a late-talker.) Not a big deal, but it just made me wonder.


I didn’t know what to expect when I opened this book. What I got was a wonderful surprise. I completely LOVED it! The characters and story arc. Everything. I highly recommend this book! (And if you love Anne of Green Gables, I recommend it that much more.)


Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Note: I’m posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday

13 thoughts on “Review / Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess

  1. I remember seeing this cover a few years back and not knowing what it was about. Now that you’ve filled me in, I have another book added to my future read list. I’ve known many hearing challenged kids and stories like this bring more understanding to their world. Thanks for featuring on MMGM.

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  2. Am always on the look out for books that have a character that is deaf or hearing impaired. There are far too few stories that showcase their abilities. My daughter is hearing impaired and would have benefited from a story like this as a teen. Will look for this one. Thanks!

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  3. I bought this book, I read 4 pages of it, and then I gave up on it because I apparently was temporarily insane. (Or maybe permanently, now that I think about it.) 😉 I need to track down my copy, because you make it sound so wonderful! Thanks for the great review!

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  4. Yes, a child losing her hearing should have residual speech, unless there is a time reference (pre 1970s) when deaf kids went to a deaf school. Also,, the likely hood of a post-speech hearing loss would result in lots of therapy. So, yeah, hmmm( I was a speech therapist for +40 ,yrs)

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