Photo Challenge #41 / Thankful

20201010ma_1884“Canning” / Theme: Thankful

A little about this photo…

All that summertime garden? Turned into this! I don’t particularly like canning, but I’m always thankful when it comes times to eat what’s inside. And seeing that it’s Thanksgiving on Monday (here in Canada), I’m posting this peek at our harvest. 🙂

THIS WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE is posted every Saturday. Please join me in posting your own photos with #2020picoftheweek

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #41 / Thankful

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like a wonderful harvest! I freeze vs canning, so I’m always glad when that job is done. Enjoy the fruit of your labor!


  2. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. This photo takes me right back to my childhood. My parents had a huge vegetable garden and my mother canned hundreds of quarts of fruits and vegetables every summer. Thanks for the post.


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