Photo Challenge #25 / Take Note

20200619ma_0721“Notebook” / Theme: Take Note

A little about this photo…

I just cracked open my newest writing notebook! Always fun to start a new book. The clean, crisp pages! Of course, the pen there is just for the “promotional purposes” of this photograph. (That is, I don’t really write with such a fancy pen in my notebooks. This is one of my calligraphy pens, but as you can see, one that has never really been used. Just look at that clean golden nib!)

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5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #25 / Take Note

    • Oddly enough, the pen I use for this notebook is a purple pen (with purple ink). Somebody (my dad, I think) gave me this purple pen. I NEVER use purple pens! But I started using it in my last notebook (exclusively in that notebook) and now I’ve come to associate my purple pen with these notebooks! (Oddly enough, it hasn’t brought on any onslaught of me writing purple prose… Which is probably a good thing.)

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  1. I, too, love a new notebook. I like notebooks that have grid paper in them and I always use a mechanical pencil with .7 or .9 lead. Weird little habits we writers have. Thanks for your post.


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