Re-read: The Ramona Books – Part 1

So… Yesterday (apparently) was Beverly Cleary’s 104th birthday. And so to celebrate this truly awesome writer, I’m going to do some mini-reviews on one of her most memorable characters: Ramona Quimby!

Beezus and Ramona (1955)

beezus-ramonaWe are first introduced to little Ramona Quimby through the books about Henry Huggins. In some ways, this book almost fits in better with that series, but for some reason, it’s considered Book 1 of the Ramona books, even if it’s not from Ramona’s POV! (It focuses on the point of view of Beezus.) And like in the Henry Huggins books, Ramona is… well, she’s a pest!

Ramona ruins a library book! She locks the dog Ribsy in the bathroom! She takes a bite out of every apple in the storage. Poor Beezus. But still, it’s fun to see Beezus figure out various ways to handle that pesky Ramona.

One of my Favourite Quotes from the book*…
“’Mother, what am I going to do?’ Beezus demanded. ‘It’s checked out on my card and I’m responsible. They won’t let me take any more books out of the library, and I won’t have anything to read, and it will all be Ramona’s fault. She’s always spoiling my fun and it isn’t fair!’ Beezus didn’t know what she would do without her library card. She couldn’t get along without library books. She just couldn’t, that was all.”

*I 100% get where Beezus is coming from! The horror of having to turn in a ruined library book. :/

My Rating: 3 stars

Ramona the Pest (1968)

ramona-pestRamona Quimby is in kindergarten! This (in my opinion) is truly Ramona’s first book. We get to see the magic of her thought process… like when she sits patiently because her teacher told her to “wait for the present” (thinking she was going to get a gift of some sort on the first day of school). We also get to see Henry Huggins in action (poor Henry) as the crossing guard who has to rescue Ramona from the mud.

And finally, there are those oh-so-tempting curls belonging to Susan (i.e. Ramona’s nemesis). Those curls are Ramona’s downfall. Just one little tug… BOING! Ramona gets sent home. Oh, the devastation! Convinced her beloved teacher hates her, Ramona refuses to go back to school. Will Ramona Quimby a school drop out at age 5?!

One of my Favourite Quotes from the book*…
“Ramona could not understand why grown-ups always talked about how quickly children grew up. Ramona thought growing up was the slowest thing there was, slower even than waiting for Christmas to come. She had been waiting years just to get to kindergarten, and the last half hour was the slowest part of all.”

*I think this quote best demonstrates why Cleary’s books remain as good today as when she wrote them. She understands what it’s like to be a child!

My Rating: 3 stars

Ramona the Brave (1975)

ramona-braveRamona isn’t afraid of anything… Especially not the first grade! And what’s really exciting is that the Quimby family is building onto their house so that Ramona gets her own bedroom. But she soon finds out that maybe she isn’t quite as brave as she thought when she has to sleep in that new bedroom… alone. And then there’s the dog on the way to school…

One of my Favourite Quotes from the book*…
“Ramona stood inside her new closet, pretending she was in an elevator. She slid open the door and stepped out into her new room, which she pretended was on the tenth floor.”

*I loved doing this as a kid. We lived in various houses and not all of our houses had this style of closet door. But when my sister and I got to share a bedroom with one of these “elevator” doors, you bet we took the elevator!

My Burning Question about this book…
Mrs. Kemp (i.e. Howie’s grandmother) babysits Ramona and Beezus when Mr. and Mrs. Quimby go to Parents’ Night at school. So, WHO is babysitting Howie and Willa Jean?

My Rating: 4 stars

Ramona and Her Father (1977)


This is probably my favourite of the books!

Mr. Quimby loses his job, and Ramona (who is now in second grade) wants to help out… If only she can get a job like those “rich” kids who do commercials on television. She and Beezus also team up to try to get their dad to stop smoking.

And then there’s the church Christmas pageant! Ramona has the perfect idea to dress up as a little lamb, but her mother never gets around to making the right kind of costume. It’ll take a little encouragement for Ramona to bounce back.

One of my Favourite Scenes in the book…
Ramona wants so much to help her dad earn a million dollars like the kids do on TV. She finds burrs and decides to practice by making a crown, just like in the commercial. Of course, once the burrs hit her hair, oh boy! Now it’s up to Dad to cut it out with scissors. But Ramona is bound and determined never to let him know the TRUE reason why she put the burrs in her hair in the first place!

My Rating: 5 stars


Have you read these books? What are your thoughts? Which one(s) do you like? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Note: I’m posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday


19 thoughts on “Re-read: The Ramona Books – Part 1

  1. I tried to read one of these to my daughter when she was younger but she never got into them. She liked Junie B. Jones better. Glad you enjoyed them all when you were younger.

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  2. I love that you reread these! I was a huge Beverly Cleary fan when I was growing up. I read all her books and loved the Ramona series. I need to do a reread, as I have only read segments over the past few years. It was great reading your thoughts. 🙂

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  3. I loved the Ramona books as a kid! I think Ramona the Pest is the one I remember the most. Even though I was probably more like Beezus, I still could relate to Ramona. I live near Portland, so I still need to make the trip sometime to see the famous Klickitat Street.
    Thanks for featuring these! Such fond memories!

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  4. I have not read any Ramona books but know all about the stories having grown up with three sisters who talked them up all the time. Amazing that Beverly Cleary celebrated 104 years yesterday. Writing keeps you young! Thanks for the timely post.

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  5. Thanks for taking me on a walk down memory lane from my own middle-grade years! :0} My fifth-grade teacher read ‘Beezua and Ramona’ and ‘Ramona the Pest’ to us way back when. I recently reread both of those books, and I really enjoyed Mrs. Cleary’s warm feeling tone toward children. I’m so glad you shared this post for Mrs. Cleary’s 104th birthday! Thanks.

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