Fall Reading Bingo Challenge / October


I’m back to Middle Grade Carousel’s Reading Bingo challenge!

This month, I finished ten middle-grade books that fit the descriptions on the bingo card. And yes, I get to call out “Bingo!”

How Does It Work?

Pick your challenge, grab a book, and fill in the squares. Try and get 5 in a row, or attempt to fill in the whole sheet if you’re a speedy reader.


  1. Because this is a #MGCarousel challenge, all of the books on your Bingo board should be MG reads. Find out more about #MGCarousel here.
  2. Each square needs to be filled with a unique book. You cannot use the same title more than once, even if it fits multiple themes. Choose wisely!
  3. You should only be filling in your Bingo board with books you’ve read during this month.

Here are my results…

‘Truth’ or ‘Dare’ in the Title

Double Dog Dare // by Lisa Graff

MG, Contemporary (2012)

double-dog-dareThis was a cute story about a girl (Francine) and a boy (Kansas) who get into a dare contest to see WHO will be the new anchorperson for the school announcements. She really wants; he doesn’t but is the kind of boy who can’t turn down a dare.

Most of the book was pretty silly. I really like how both kids are each struggling with their newly divorced parental situation. This is at the heart of the story and what makes the story worth the read. Most of the dares are pretty fun, but the solution was a little too obvious for me.  [3.5 stars]

Title Starts with ‘O’

The Other Half of my Heart // by Sundee T. Frazier

MG, Contemporary (2010)

other-half-heartThis book is about bi-racial twins. One of them is black and the other is white. And when their grandmother enters them in the Miss Black Pearl beauty pageant… cue the drama.

For the most part, the story is told through Minni’s eyes (the white twin). I loved how the author dealt with how she portrayed the two sisters, the love and connection they have with each other. As tensions in the book rise, Minni starts to question her place in the world. Is she black? Is she white? She has some good conversations with her grandmother’s neighbour, Dr. Oliphant (probably one of my favourite characters in the book!) [4 stars]

A Book You Own

A Bear Called Paddington // by Michael Bond

MG, Classic (1958)

paddington-bookOne of my favourite books from my childhood. Paddington is adorable. I like how he just fits right in with the Brown family. And I love his relationship with Mr. Gruber! How they share elevensies together. And Mr. Curry! Arrgh! The ultimate mean next-door neighbour.

I remember as a kid not even questioning the fact that a bear could come and live in a family.  [5 stars]


Fairy Mom and Me // by Sophie Kinsella

MG, Magical Realism (2018)

fairy-momCute story about a girl and her mom who is a great mom, but she’s not very good at being a fairy. The book is very episodic. In one of their adventures, Ella wants to bake cupcakes, but Fairy Mom’s Computawand doesn’t quite work the way she intends. Enter Zoe, the next-door neighbour who gives Ella trouble. But, don’t worry, all ends well. And Ella ends up with a delicious batch of cupcakes. (I just won’t tell you how that happens.)  [3 stars]

Secret in the Title

The Perfect Secret // by Rob Buyea

MG, Contemporary

perfect-secretFrom the author of Because of Mr. Terupt… Here’s another group of middle-school kids, each of them telling their version of the events in their lives. I did not realize that this was a sequel to another book, so I didn’t already know the characters. This left me a wee bit confused over what was happening, especially at the beginning of the book.

This book did have some good parts. I particularly liked the storyline belonging to Scott, aka “Junior, the stats man” and Coach (who isn’t really their coach but lives at the Senior Center). And the relationship between Gavin and his little sister is sweet.  [3 stars]

Other MG Books I Finished this Month…

    • An Only Child // Absolutely Almost // by Lisa Graff
    • Magicians // Nothing Up My Sleeve // by Diana Lopez
    • Pick Your Prompt / A 5-Star Book // Birdie // by Eileen Spinelli
    • Gate on the Cover // Mysterious Benedict Society // by Trenton Lee Stewart
    • A Retelling // Once Upon a Toad // by Heather Vogel Frederick

Final Thoughts…

October Bingo: Complete! Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you thought of them.

For November’s challenge, go to https://elymnifoquent.com

Note: I’m also posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday

13 thoughts on “Fall Reading Bingo Challenge / October

  1. I’ve never seen this bingo challenge before, but it’s super-neat! I’ve read and liked a few books by some of the authors you’ve mentioned (I read Because of Mr. Terupt, and I also read a YA book by Sophie Kinsella called Finding Audrey). Also, I noticed that you read The Mysterious Benedict Society—I love that book! Thanks for the great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I liked Finding Audrey. I thought it was better than her Fairy Mom book. (But FM was still cute.)

      I think this is my third or fourth time rereading Mysterious Benedict Society. It’s as good as the first time I read it!


  2. Always fun. Teachers and parents could also modify the BINGO card to meet their needs. DOUBLE DOG DARE was the only book I’d read off your list, though the others sound appealing. Thanks for featuring the Bingo Challenge on MMGM.

    Liked by 1 person

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