Photo Challenge #43 / Pick a Colour

20191025ma_2659“Autumn Colours” / Theme: Pick a Colour

A little about this photo…

Every year, the leaves lose their green and turn different shades. This year, it seems like pretty much every tree has decided unanimously to pick the colour yellow. I’m always hoping for oranges and reds to mix things up a bit. But alas… it’s yellow.

Still, yellow is a pretty colour, don’t you think?

(By the way, that spire belongs to a church in my neck of the woods. You may recognize it from the photo I chose to go with the announcement of this year’s prompts. I think it’s so pretty. Like it belongs in a fairy tale!)

THIS WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE is posted every Saturday. Please join me in posting your own photos with #2019picoftheweek

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #43 / Pick a Colour

  1. Mmm, a turreted tower is always good. And nicely set off by the yellowing leaves. And at least your trees are turning. Although our lesser trees and shrubs are turning, I expect it to be Christmas before the beech and the oak start to turn.

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