Quick Pick Reviews #14

bad-kitty-uncle-murrayBad Kitty Vs. Uncle Murray // by Nick Bruel

Genre: Lower MG, Contemporary (2010)

My Thoughts: This book is part of a series that gets its beginning from an ABC picture book called Bad Kitty. In that book, it introduces a character called Uncle Murray in a tiny little cameo. He’s so memorable that he ends up one of the main characters in this book! There’s just something very fun about Uncle Murray.

For me, one of the best parts of the book was Uncle Murray’s “Fun Facts”. I actually really enjoyed these facts about why cats get scared and how they react to situations that startle them. It’s a nice little addition to all the silliness and slapstick humour.

I absolutely LOVE how this book leads us directly to the next book in the series. (See below.) [4 Stars]

bad-kitty-babyBad Kitty Meets the Baby // by Nick Bruel

Genre: Lower MG, Contemporary (2012)

My Thoughts: Bad Kitty is back… The book begins where the last book left off. We get to meet the baby! Very cute story. I love how Bad Kitty is positive that that the baby is a New Puppy. (Oh no! Not another puppy!) And then when the neighbourhood kitties arrive, they conclude that the baby is a New Kitty.

But perhaps my favourite part is when Bad Kitty’s owners talk to her about why the baby is so similar to her and Puppy. [**SPOILER] Especially on the adoption front. [End SPOILER]

And Uncle Murray gets a little cameo with his “Fun Facts”. In this book, they discuss ways to rescue cats from being stuck in a tree. (Hint: You’re NOT supposed to call the fire department, Uncle Murray!) [4.5 Stars]

Quick Pick books are always recommendations. (If I don’t recommend the book, it’s not a Quick Pick!)

Note: I’m posting this for Greg Pattridge’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday

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