Crimson’s Creative Challenge #22


In response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #22

Crimsonprose posted a photo of… Wash Lane, Saxlingham, Norfolk. Why is it called Wash Lane? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

My response: These stones could use a good washing. Even if they’re not nearly as old as the ones in the original photo. 🙂

Check out the original Creative Challenge post here

One thought on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #22

  1. Like your photo. And I admit, that is what I thought when I saw the name on the map. That first visit the lane was flooded, got sodden feet getting over it. And the water, crystal clear. But what was its source? No springs marked on the map, and the lane is marked as a ‘footpath suitable for vehicles’, it’s not a river. But sure as raspberries, a river ran here. Curious, I investigated further—though for that I waited till the lane more resembled a footpath than a stream. And lo! Drainage pipes, about 9″ diameter, protruded in places from beneath the adjoining fields. They being at a higher level, even though the pipes were 2 to 3′ down, I could clearly see them. And the crystal clear water trickling from them.
    The Lane is Awash with filtered rain water. 🙂

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