Are You an Emotional Reader?


I have a question for you… Do you get emotional when you read books? Do laugh out loud (or even silently) when you read a funny scene? Do you cry when something devastating happens to the main character? Do you blush when the protagonist ends up in an embarrassing situation?

I’m an emotional reader. To me, when a book can make me laugh or cry, that’s a good book. But I’ve heard others tell me they’re not emotional readers. It’s just the way they are.

So, that made me curious about you as readers. Which kind of reader are you?

Take the poll below…

And then talk to me in the comments! Let me know what kind of emotional reader you are…


29 thoughts on “Are You an Emotional Reader?

  1. I didn’t know there was a word for reacting to a book! I do laugh out loud at funny parts and there are some books (coughLitttleWomencough) I can’t read in public because I end up crying. So awkward to explain. “No, I’m not upset, it’s just that so-and-so has died and it’s soooo sad!!”

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  2. I agree with you 🙂 if a book can make me empathize enough to cry with/for the people in the book then it has done a huge chunk of its work. Laughing aloud is harder but I’ve done it a few times for some books, without fail for Wodehouse

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  3. I am but it also depends on if I like the book and I’m invested in the characters. Sometimes I cry not because it’s sad but because I love it so much and at super tense moment I often let out a breath I didn’t know 8 was holding lol.

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  4. If a book doesn’t make you invested in the characters then the author hasn’t done their job. Story is one of the basics—we all have one and the need to share it is a basic human need. If you aren’t emotionally involved with either the story or the characters then put it down and find a better one. Life’s too short for bad books. And there are so many good ones!😀 (thanks for letting me rant)

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  5. Absolutely. I tend to get very emotional when reading certain books, getting this tension if a character is about to go into a dangerous place or crying when a character’s death is described. But it doesn’t work for all books in my case. It’s only when I feel particularly attached to the book, its characters that I start getting emotional.

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  6. I did not know I was an emotional reader until I read some books. I cried when I finished reading Revolutionary Road for the first time, and then I cried again when I finished reading it for the second time. With some books, you just have to have a heart made of stone not to be moved.
    I also feel I am an emotional reader because I dislike when some characters in books build their happiness on other characters’ unhappiness. I find I always sympathise too much with secondary characters who are just left behind too quickly and who are not given their credit in the story.

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