Crimson’s Creative Challenge #9


Response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #9

Crimsonprose posted a photo of steps surrounded by water with this explanation: “The tide runs high on Cromer beach, North Norfolk Coast.”

My response is a photo of something else that really shouldn’t be surrounded by water… This isn’t exactly due to the tide (well, maybe partly). I took this photo back in 2017 when we had so much rain that they were worried about flooding in Montreal. (Montreal is really not that close to us!) They closed various dams and such, which caused flooding all over Lake Ontario… I love how the bench on the pier is completely surrounded by water!

Check out the original Creative Challenge post here

3 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #9

  1. Nice one, Maria. 🙂
    Living on Britain’s Norfolk coast, I am, of course, quite familiar with flooding. In fact, rather timely, we had an alert last night. But though the flood boards were up, the tide didn’t breach our defences.

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