Review: Ogre Enchanted

ogre-enchantedBook: Ogre Enchanted (2018)
Author: Gail Carson Levine
Genre: MG, Fairy Tale
Rating: 4 Stars

Basic Plot: Evie finds herself under one of Lucinda’s curses when she’s turned into an Ogre. To break the spell, she has to accept a proposal of marriage. But she has a time limit, and Evie doesn’t want to be married to just anybody. She’s determined to find her true love, or she’ll remain an ogre forever.


1) I liked Evie as a character. I like how she keeps on with her healing-ways even after the curse is upon her.

2) I got very excited when I started to recognize characters from Ella Enchanted. It’s been awhile since I read that book. (I don’t remember many of the character’s names.) The fairy Mandy the was the first to tip me off. And then I realized who would become Ella’s mother. So, that was fun. 🙂

3) It was an interesting take on the Beauty and the Beast story… swapping roles. I did like what she did there. And I liked how it fit neatly into the Gail Carson Levine fairy tale world (inhabited by such fairies as Lucinda!)

4) Love the cover of the book. Magical!


1) Wormy maybe gets the honour for having the Worst-Name-in-a-Book… especially for somebody we’re supposed to be rooting for. In fact, the name made me vacillate between wanting him to succeed in getting Evie’s affections and rooting for the other guys.

2) The time Evie spends with the ogres… I almost felt that this was just prologue to the story. (It’s not. She spends a good portion of the book with them!) But I really didn’t get into the story until after she leaves the ogres.


My rating is 4 Stars (out of 5) – I wasn’t blown away by this book–it’s definitely not as good as Ella Enchanted–but I did enjoy it. I was excited when I suddenly recognized a few characters from Ella, and it made me want to do a re-read of that book. Which I haven’t read in a long time!


Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Review: Ogre Enchanted

  1. I never did understand why Wormy is called Wormy. Poor fellow, having to listen to everyone call him that!

    I kind of didn’t like that Evie was sort of anti-marriage at first, but then was suddenly seeing her true love everywhere once cursed. I understand she really, really want to break the curse, but the change seemed quite abrupt. Initially she was “too young” and “didn’t care” and then immediately she wasn’t just looking, she was obsessed. And you have to wonder why someone who seems so utterly unromantic suddenly thinks a guy who looks at her on the street must be The One. She can’t see how much Wormy gives up and does for her, but a little eye contact is now all it takes for her to swoon? I was confused.


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