Photo Challenge #52 / From a Distance

20181103ma_5948“Celebration” / Theme: From a Distance

A little about this photo…

These are the fireworks over Niagara Falls. I took this photo back in November, but I thought it was appropriate to save for the time between Christmas and New Year’s.

Please note all the people taking video or whatever with their smart phones. It’s funny, but I always think to myself: Why don’t those people just relax and enjoy the firework display instead of trying to capture it in a picture? Then I look down at my big DSLR camera and shut my mouth!

THIS WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE is posted every Saturday. Please join me in posting your own photos with #2018picoftheweek

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #52 / From a Distance

    • No, Guy Fawkes isn’t a thing here!

      Niagara Falls does a mini firework show every week-end night (or something like that). For the tourists, of course 🙂 But we locals can show up, too. My SIL loves fireworks, so sometimes I tag along with the fam.


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