Photo Challenge #51 / It’s Pretty

20181117ma_6277“Tree Lights” / Theme: It’s Pretty

A little about this photo…

Magical Christmas trees made out of lights. The only thing that would make this photo prettier would be for there to be snow on the ground! (By the way, these are part of the Festival of Lights display in Niagara Falls.)

THIS WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE is posted every Saturday. Please join me in posting your own photos with #2018picoftheweek

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #51 / It’s Pretty

    • There are parts right by the Falls that you can walk. They have these cool new teeter-totters that light up as you go up and down. (Interactive!) It’s a new addition this year, I believe.

      Most of the lights are along the Niagara Parkway (beside the river leading up to the Falls)… so you drive by them.

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