Photo Challenge #26 / Sweet

“Giant Ice Cream Cone” / Theme: Sweet

A little about this photo…

This ice cream cone is proudly displayed in front of one of those old ice cream stands. I think the stand has been there since the 1960s. The cone itself is pretty big, at least 3-4 feet tall. I left the trees in for scale (Yes, they’re at a distance, but I think they still help you understand that this ice cream cone is giant!) I also love how it’s made of wood.

It’s going to a HOT day today. I think we’re going to need some ice cream!

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11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #26 / Sweet

  1. I’m glad you explained the subject of this photo cos I confess, I didn’t know what it was. I don’t think we have such things in the UK,. We might come across a litter-bin shaped like a cornet, but not on this scale, and plastic, plastered all over with the brand name. Still, a cone with chocolate ice-cream . . . that almost could tempt me

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      • Yea, all I see around here are modern plastic things. Though I do remember a carved wood befeathered chief outside a tobacco shop when I was a kid, and a carved Scotsman in a kilt, with bagpipes, outside another. Though I’m not sure of the association of the Scotsman.


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