Photo Challenge #25 / Modern

“Wind Power” / Theme: Modern

A little about this photo…

I took this photo while we were driving. (Don’t worry. I wasn’t the one in the driver’s seat!) These modern windmills pepper the landscape on this one stretch of highway. They are huge! You can see the power lines in the back and that one tree is pretty big in and of itself.

For this pic, I wanted to capture some of the motion of the car, which is why you see the foreground all wispy and streaky. I wish I could have gotten some movement to the actual windmills, but they were going too slow, and we were going too fast.

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7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #25 / Modern

  1. Wind turbines: have you ever walked up close and personal? They create a heavy swoosh, a thrum, rhythmic, and quite soft (though loud). If it weren’t for the internal electrical workings that accompany it, you’d mistake them for old- fashioned windmills. When I see a large array of them I can’t help thinking of The Day of the Triffids. And I like the way you’ve captured the car-encapsulated internal environment, in contrast to the (potentially) windy exterior.

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