2018 Photography Challenge Update

Okay, so back in January, I decided to give myself a weekly photo challenge. To get me to up my game and take more pictures. (Did I really need an incentive? Well, sometimes…)

Here are a few things on the progress I’ve made so far with this challenge.

#1 // I am so glad I went with a flexible challenge. There is no set theme in any given week. This idea is not original to me. I found it somewhere online (although I forget where). I’ve tried the other kind of challenges and found them to be quite stressful, like I HAVE to make a photograph for such and such a prompt. (Now, I’m not sure how this will change the closer I get to the end of my own challenge, when there are less and less prompts left!)

#2 // When I’m out with my camera, I’m always on the look-out for several prompts all at the same time. Sometimes, I come from a shoot with at least 2 or 3 ready to go. Although, I do try to keep them different from one another.

#3 // I keep a list of prompts in my camera bag, to remind me of things I need to capture. (Although, sometimes, I forget the list is there!)

#4 // When I came up with the list of prompts back in January, I gathered a whole bunch of prompts from other people’s lists. For some of these prompts, I had an idea for how or what I wanted to photograph. Sometimes, those shots came to be. Sometimes, not. I found it’s okay to let an idea go and embrace a new idea.

#5 // So far, I’ve made my challenge every week. But I’ve also prepared myself… that if I can’t do a week, I am determined not to go crazy about it. This is supposed to be fun. It’s also supposed to challenge me to be a better photographer.

#6 // The outtakes. I’ve noticed that some of the other people who are taking this challenge with me have posted more than one photo per prompt. Their “outtakes”, if you will. I haven’t done this (yet), but this does intrigue me. Sometimes I have a hard time choosing which photo to showcase. Sometimes, afterwards, I think to myself: “Why did I choose THAT one. This other one is so much better!” So, you may see some outtakes from me in the future! (Note: The photos in this post are just some of those outtakes I didn’t post.)

#7 // You know what? I like having a list. And I like crossing things OFF my list. It gives me a sense of completion.

#8 // Up to now, all the photos I’ve posted were taken in 2018. At times I see a prompt and think, “Oh, I have a great shot I took last year!” I’m not against posting older photos, but by trying to post only this year’s photos, it does force me to take pictures this year. (There may come a week, however, when I will resort to photos taken in past years. And, you know what? I’m okay with that!)

#9 // I get ideas from looking at other photographers. Sometimes, I will look up a prompt and do a search on Google Images or 500px or Flickr. If I see something I like, I will use that to inspire me and try to capture something similar.

#10 // I am so thankful for the people who are taking this challenge with me! (Yay, you!) Let me say, I enjoy seeing your photos each week! I love the creativity and the interpretations you give to each prompt. AND I’m also thankful for the people who have taken the time to comment on our photos. It is nice to hear your thoughts! 🙂

14 thoughts on “2018 Photography Challenge Update

  1. I am so thankful you posted the challenge. It has added a new dimension to my photography. Though I haven’t yet made a special point of going out to capture a photo to match a title, the list is always hovering in mind as I walk the byways.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so happy to hear that it’s added a new dimension to your photography!

      Most of the time, I don’t go out with a specific prompt in mind either. Usually, it’s when I’m looking at them on the computer that I figure the prompt out.

      But the closer we get to the end of the year… it’ll be a different story. Note: There are MORE than 52 prompts, so technically there should be a couple that will go unused.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, life has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?

      I’m really happy to have you stop by and comment and like and all that. And feel free to do a prompt now and then when you have a chance!


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