Photo Challenge #16 / Vintage


“Vintage Dodge” / Theme: Vintage

A little about this photo…

I know very little about cars. Very. Little. (The only reason I know this is a Dodge is that it says so on the front!) But still, I love the look of old cars. I love how this one is peeking out from behind the fence. And I love that the fence behind it seems to be almost as old as the car itself! I took this right around sunset. I love how you can see the faint hints on this in the hood of car.

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13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #16 / Vintage

  1. Beautiful photo, Maria, and nostalgic for me. I’m guessing it’s an early 1950s model Dodge (possibly late ’40s), and probably a fancy model of its time. My best friend had one similar to this back in the 1960s. His was a coupe, and a more basic model. This sure brings back some fond memories. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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